Quotes I just dont know where to begin,from the very moment I contacted Herbalist Saledeko,I was a little hesistant because i have been scammed before,He told me to trust him everything was going to work out just fine and as soon as he said that,there was a calmness that came over me immediately,my boyfriend and I was having major issues,there was alot of tension and on a weekly basis,my boyfriend and I would go head to head,always arguing and disagreeing,and then all of a sudden he started acting real strange with me,he started lying to me,he was not calling me like he normally would and I begin worrying,I came across Saledeko website and I contacted him on that Wed.1-3-2013 and from the monent I contacted him and told him of my situation we cast the spell on that Thrusday and that same day my man came to me and we have not argued since then,we have been so peaceful and so much harmony in the relationship,Saledeko is very proffessional and truly a spell caster,I saw immediate results. Quotes
Very Happy

Quotes Thank you Saladeko you gave me life! Quotes

Quotes All I can say is thank you very much, it's really great to have him here cos before i met him I had already given up on love cos Sylvester don't love me no more, he left me with our kids, he called 2days ago and we are happy together again Quotes

Quotes Είστε ο Θεός έστειλε τον Quotes
Είστε ο Θεός έστειλε τον

Quotes Its so unbelievable, just 3 days to Val I contacted Saladeko and He did it, Edmund is back home and I had the best Val's day ever. Quotes
Its a Miracle

Quotes Happy I had faith in you, Keep the good work up. If i ever come to Africa I would visit your shrine. Quotes

Quotes Selina is back home, thanks she came back from Ukraine last week to be with me Quotes
Without you

Quotes I'm still hoping that my spell would yield a good result Quotes
Work still in progress

Quotes Thanks so much Saladeko, I have a better life. I am really happy to have met you and to all the people who don't believe in magic i want you to know that its real, I am a living testimony. You can write to me on [email protected] if you want to chat with me Quotes
Better life

Quotes I am happy that you could be of help, may you go from strenght to strenght, I would tell the whole world about you. I have losts so much weight under a few days Quotes


  • "Thank you s much Saladeko for your help. Regina and I are back together. The love spell worked perfectly"
    Got Regina Back
  • "Mr. Saladeko to me to trust he could help me with my case but I had been scamm by so many people I just didn't know but I was desparate. I new I had just meet this guy and I rea..."
    Curse Broken